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Donor agreements are important for setting out the intentions, rights, and obligations of all individuals involved in the process of bringing a child into the world. We will meet with you to discuss your needs, prepare a tailor-made agreement, and walk you through its terms to ensure you understand it and are comfortable with it. Alternatively, we can review a pre-prepared agreement for you and provide advice on its contents.

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act governs donation of human reproductive material in Canada. It is illegal to pay for human reproductive material, however an intended parent can reimburse donors for reasonable expenses incurred in relation to the egg, sperm, or embryo donation.  

A donor can be a friend or family member, or can be found through a fertility clinic. Donors can be known or anonymous. Where you use the services of a fertility clinic, an agreement will likely be required and is strongly recommended.

A list of Canadian fertility clinics can be found here: