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Our lawyers are experienced in handling the adoption process and can assist you with compiling the required paperwork and to submit your adoption application. In general, the services of a lawyer are only needed for private-direct adoptions or step-parent or relative adoptions. Adoptions through an agency or through Child and Family Services are generally facilitated by the assistance of social workers. 

A list of licensed Alberta adoption agencies can be found here: 

What is a Private-Direct Adoption?

A private-direct adoption or direct placement adoption is where the birth family makes a private agreement with an adoptive family to place a child with the adoptive family, without an intermediary such as agency or the government. 

Will I Need to Obtain a Home Study Report?

A home study is not automatically required. However, once your application is submitted to the courts, the reviewing Justice may request that one be completed.

Where a Home Study is required, it can cost a few thousand dollars. 

What Documentation Do I Need for the Application?

A complete list of required forms can be found here, beginning at page 6: 

The Alberta Government provides an overview of the process here: 

Can Single Individuals Adopt a Child? 

Yes! There is no requirement for two parents to complete an adoption.  However, more than two parents cannot adopt a child in Alberta.