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as of April 2016 




Joint (2 persons) 

Last Will and Testament 

$ 525.00 $ 625.00

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) ($$’s) 

$ 150.00 $ 175.00

Personal Directive (P/D) (Dr./Health) 

$ 150.00 $ 175.00

Package Price for: 


Will, EPA and P/D 

$ 725.00* $ 875.00*


*PLUS $50.00 File Administration and Archival Fee, printing at .25 per page, postage and GST.

These fees are for basic wills. The joint fees presume documents for spouses and adult interdependent partners with mirrored provisions.

Any will with complicated trust provisions or bequests will be subject to additional charges on an hourly rate basis.